Steve Jobs revolutionized the world of mobile communication with the launch of the original iPhone in January 2007. It has been 12 years since the launch of Apple’s first smartphone, and the popular mobile product has undergone drastic changes ever since.

Apple has been quick to adapt to rapid changes in technology and has become a game changer in the smartphone industry. From a small 3.5-inch screen with a 2-megapixel camera, the phone has now become a 3 in 1 entertainment system, dedicated camera, and workstation. Today there is nothing you can’t do on an iPhone!

Here’s a brief history of the world’s most popular smartphone from its glorious launch in 2007 to its latest bezel-less sibling the XS Max.

  1. The Launch of the Original iPhone

steves jobsThe first ever iPhone was launched in January 2007 by Steve Jobs. Jobs termed it a 3 in-one-device that features a camera, and iPod, and a network communicator. Even though critics dismissed the phone has too expensive, and non-revolutionary – it was an instant success.

The device was available in two variants – the 4 GB priced at $499, and the 8 GB variant priced at $599. The phone had a 3.5-inch screen and 2-megapixel camera, which is considered obsolete by today’s standards.

  1. 3G Service and GPS added with the introduction of iPhone 3G

iphone 3A year later in 2008, Apple launched the iPhone 3G. The new Phone had a curved plastic body and also featured GPS and 3G. Faster internet connection and location-based services were the biggest draws of the phone.

Apple also introduced its App store with the launch.

  1. Increased Storage with the iPhone 3GS

iphone 4With the introduction of the App store, the 16 GB was proving to quite limiting. As people downloaded songs, games, and applications – the mobile storage quickly filled up. The 3GS featured additional storage of 32 GB. Voice control was introduced (not to be confused with Siri which was launched later), and the camera was upgraded to 3 Megapixels.

  1. The First Selfie Enabled iPhone

iphone 4sThe iPhone 4 was the first Apple’s Phone to feature a front-facing camera. This was actually before the selfie trend became mainstream. The phone’s ram was upgraded to 512 MB to handle more tasks. The back camera was upgraded to 5 megapixels. However, the phone’s storage was still limited to 32 GB.

  1. Now Talk to your iPhone with Siri

iphone 5The 4S was revolutionary. You could now command your Phone through Apple’s very own voice assistant called Siri – which took the smartphone industry by storm. Many competitors tried to replicate Siri’s success but none could come close to it, in terms of its efficiency and effectiveness. The camera was also upgraded to 8 megapixels, and HD video recording (1080P) was introduced. The phone’s storage was increased to 64 GB.

Steve Jobs stepped down as the CEO of Apple during this time. The mobile was still a major success, selling over a million units within a week of its launch.

  1. The iPhone || Now Bigger

iphone 6sThe iPhone 5 was launched in 2012. It featured a bigger 4-inch screen and was an instant hit among fans. All previous phones had a 3.5-inch screen. Many attributed the change in screen size to Tim Cook is the head of Apple. The new phone had LTE connectivity so users could access the internet at lightning fast speeds, and RAM was also increased to 1GB.

  1. The Powerful 5s and the Affordable 5C

iphone 6After the iPhone 5, Apple launched two new phones on its next event. The posh, and powerful 5s and its colorful more affordable sibling the 5C.

The 5S was the first to feature Touch ID. You could now use your fingerprint to secure your Phone. It even has a much better motion processor that gave rise to a variety of health and fitness applications.

The younger sibling – the 5C was a lot similar to the iPhone 5 but featured a fully plastic body available in different colors.

  1. The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

iphone 6The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus featured bigger screens, faster processors, better camera and were enabled for the new Apple pay feature.

The 6 and 6 Plus were quite identical except for the difference in screen size and improved rear camera image stabilization of the 6 Plus.

  1. 3D touch Technology with iPhone 6S and 6S Plus

iphone 7Apple introduced a 3D touch, where the phone could process touches differently depending on the pressure. With 3D touch, users could now have a more immersive experience with their phones. The Rose Gold color was also introduced for the first time with the 6S series.

  1. Back to Basics with iPhone SE

iphone 5The SE is the smallest iPhone still on sale. The phone features a 4-inch screen and has the same specifications as the iPhone 6. The phone was priced quite competitively and had a full aluminum body.

  1. Earpods Introduced with the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus

iphone earpodsApple took a big step with 7 and 7Plus. In order to reduce the phone width, Apple removed the headphone jack from its phones. You now had to connect your earphones through the phone’s lightening port. Apple also introduced its wireless airpods making the headphone jack obsolete. 

  1. Experience Augmented Reality with iPhone 8 and 8 Plus

iphone 8The new phones featured wireless charging, a faster chipset, a spectacular camera, and a highly resistant glass cover. You could now record videos in 4K, and with the launch of iOS 11 – even play immerse AR games, and get the best out of your phone with AR applications.

  1. The iPhone X’s Portrait Mode and Bezel Display

iphone xWith the launch of the iPhone X, Apple once again proved that it is a game-changer in the technology market. The phone had a bezel-less display with a tiny notch on the top. The phone’s portrait mode, especially on the front-facing camera, allows users to capture DSLR like pictures!

  1. Apple’s Latest Premium iPhones

iphon xsThe iPhone XS and XS MAX are Apple’s latest offerings in the market. The phones feature a similar design to the iPhone X and are powered by an A12 Chipset – which is one of the most powerful smartphone processors in the world.

Soon after, Apple also launched the XR – which is a more affordable version of the XS. The phone features a big display but it isn’t as crisp as its more premium siblings.

 Apple has come a long way in the Smartphone Industry. The iPhone has remained at the top of the game ever since its’ launch. Lets’ see what 2019 has in stock for Apple. It is rumored that the upcoming iPhones will feature a super powerful A12 Chip, bigger batteries and even a better camera.


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