Walt Disney’s fantasy was brought to life in 1955 when he built the first-ever Disneyland Park in California, USA. Ever since, the park has grown to be a world-famous tourist attraction, with branches all over the world.
Crazy rides, live cartoons, fun-filled experiences – Disneyland is really a dream come true. Disneyland is a must-visit for everyone, whether they’re a young 6-year-old or a 75-year-old grandpa. Initially targeted towards the younger crowd, the park now has something for every age group.

But there some hidden secrets from Disneyland’s history that are sure to blow your mind. Lets’ have a look:

 Disneyland’s Opening was Totally Chaotic

priceline_flights_erzannakliyat.comWalt had planned a grand opening for Disneyland. With various Disney cartoons, food stalls, and the massive Tomorrow land – everything was planned to perfection.

However, what Walt had no idea that 13000 people would show up to the opening. That was way more than what he had expected. Disneyland was in no way equipped to handle such large draws of people. The characters were roughed up, the rides had terribly long queues, the stalls ran out of food, and to make matters worse, the weather is awfully hot. The entire day was so chaotic that it was Nicknamed “Black Friday” by Disney’s cast.

Worry not, Disney is well equipped to manage crowds now. Simply find cheap hotels near Disneyland and get ready to go on a crazy ride!

If you’re looking to visit Disneyland, plan your trip in advance to save money on flight tickets, and get cheap hotels near Disneyland by booking in advance.

 Even Walt Waited for Rides

travel_erzannakliyat.comWalt Disney was a people’s man. He loved spending time with children and families who had come to his amusement park. He was warm, friendly, gave away free coupons and even waited in lines with the other guests for his turn to ride.

The Disneyland in Hong-Kong has many cheap hotels near Disneyland located around the premises of park, and many public transport options to travel to other parts of Hong-Kong are available as well.

You can Eat the Plants at Tomorrow land

 cheap_air_erzannakliyat.comSurprised? We were too when we first found that all the plants in Tomorrow land are safe to eat, and even nutritious. Sadly, you can’t go nibbling on the plants unless you’re prepared to face hefty penalties. Oranges, peppers, and lemons are among the various edible plants you can find at Tomorrow land.

Tomorrow land is Disney’s biggest attractions. Check out Tomorrow land today, get cheap hotels near Disneyland and spend a day or two exploring the park.

A Ban Moustaches till 2000

cheap_flight_tickets_erzannakliyat.comStrange but true, Disney characters weren’t allowed to keep moustaches unless their character demanded one. Everyone cast in the shows had to be clean-shaven. If they kept a moustache, it had to be neatly trimmed, and clean looking.

A Tobacco and Lingerie Store

caribbean_airlines_erzannakliyat.comThe Disneyland in Mainstream USA once had a Tobacco and a Lingerie Store. Quite uncalled for, we believe, from an amusement park targeted towards young kids. Anyways, the lingerie store shutdown in just 6 months from its opening, and the tobacco store was closed in 1991.

If you’re planning to visit Disneyland, we recommend you to see the original park that is located in California. Its’ hard to find cheap hotels near Disneyland in California, so better do your research and book in advance.


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