Gaming Consoles

In a world of graphic intensive gaming, powerful GPUs, and Virtual Reality – a new phenomenon is on the rise.

Old School Games seem to be making a comeback. Gaming consoles which were long thought to be extinct, are taking the industry by a storm.

Video Game journalists, and analysts are in shock, as two classic gaming consoles are making their way back into hands of gamers.

  1. The Gameboy Advance

hp_printer_contact_numberReleased by Nintendo in 2001, the Gameboy Advance took the world by a rage. Almost every other kid on the street was walking around with the handheld Gameboy console in their hands, tapping buttons with lightening ferocity. Those who didn’t have one were either bugging their parents to get them the console, or sharing one with their more privileged friends. It became the first selling console in North America just within the first week of its launch.

Gameboy Advance had a great run, with its last title “Samurai Deeper Kyo” being launched in 2007.

Gameboy’s Comeback

Nintendo released several consoles following the Gameboy. All of them were great successes, but none could meet the appeal of the Gameboy.

Years after being out of production, Gameboy started making a comeback as a PC emulator. With launch of the VBA by an unofficial group, people could now stream Gameboy games on their computers.

However, what really lighted the match for Gameboy was: The launch of Gameboy Emulator on Android/iOS devices. The Gameboy application garnered over a million downloads soon after its launch. The popular Nintendo titles such as Pokémon FireRed/LeafGreen, The Legend of Zelda, Mario series, were now being downloaded for free and emulated on mobile devices.

The craze to play Gameboy titles on Laptops, and mobiles was so huge that it led to developers to start making new Gameboy Roms. Pokémon ShinyGold, and a Legend of Zenda ROM was released in the late 2000s. Even Nintendo was taken aback by the sudden interest in Gameboy.

The Present

The Gameboy Emulator continues to have a successful run. Indie developers are modifying and releasing original Gameboy titles with new missions, and improved game-play almost every month. Nobody knows how long this sudden public interest in the classic gaming console will last, but one thing is for sure – Gameboy has made history yet again.

  1. The PC Classic (DOS GAMING)

hp_printer_phone_numberLet us introduce you to the PC classic – a mini $99 console for DOS gaming. In a world dominated by PlayStation 4s, and Xbox Ones, the PC classic has carved a special niche for itself.

This small box is capable of playing all the original DOS games. For those who grew up in 1990s, the PC classic brings back many nostalgic memories. The Prince of Persia 4D, Skyroads, Return to Castle Wolfenstein, Dangerous Dave, are some of the few original DOS titles that you can play on the PC classic.

The company behind PC classic aims to bring back the original gaming experience of 80s and 90s.

A Tough Road Ahead

Despite receiving rave reviews, the PC classic is facing tough competition from DOS emulators on mobile devices and computers. The benefit of a DOS emulator is that you can emulate games on your mobile device, and don’t even need to pay for them.

Whether the PC Classic succeeds, or not, is yet to be seen. But one thing is for sure. Dos gaming is making a comeback, and is one the rise!


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