Las Vegas is the go-to destination for party lovers. The city’s culture of gambling, heavy drinking, and a totally insane nightlife is ideal for those looking for a break from the monotony of daily life.

Popularly named “The City where the Party Never Stops” – Las Vegas has tourists visiting from distant countries, and remote places. You’ll get to mingle, and party with folks from all walks of life, and from all corners of the world.

The Party is always on at Vegas. On walking down, the city’s trip, you’ll come across hundreds of bars, pubs, and casinos. It can be hard to choose where to go – with each place being special in its own way – we’ve compiled this list of places that you simply cannot afford to miss on your Las Vegas Vacation.

  1. The Rebel’s Underground Bingo

Gambling is the hottest thing in Vegas right now. You’ll find casinos on every street corner, and some even hidden in cinema halls. Most of the good casinos are awfully loaded with tourists trying their luck at the game.

Sometimes, it can get so crowded that there’s hardly any place to breathe. That’s where the super exclusive Rebel’s Bingo comes in. This is one of the most exclusive underground events in Vegas. It’s for those who don’t like the mainstream and consider themselves outcast.

A totally unique experience from the major casinos. If you want this Las Vegas Vacation to be different, exclusive and a lot more special, this is the place to go. It features the Best DJs in the underground scene, crazy dance parties, and real badass gambling scene.

The Rebel’s Underground Bingo scene isn’t all that easy to attend though. You’ll have to be enlisted in a special guest list to receive passes to the event. It is held at a different location every time, so you can’t even gate-crash.

  1. Go Wild at The Foundation

The Foundation room lies tucked away in the House of Blues on the top of the Mandalay Bay Hotel. It’s a premium lounge, with posh furniture, exotic dancers, exclusive bars and much more. Get ready to burn some serious dough while you’re here. The money you save on cheap flights to Vegas will definitely come handy here.

The good thing is that The Foundation is open to everyone. It isn’t exclusive like the Underground Rebel’s club and offers a great view of the Vegas’ strip.

If you’re looking for somewhat of a more isolated experience, you can book a fully private room, and sip a Martini in peace. The parties here are more of classy, and less of wild. So, don’t go expecting something totally out of the blue. This will make for a relaxing time off during crazy Las Vegas Vacation.

  1. The Posh Gentleman’s Club

Previously called the Velvet Lion, the Gentleman’s club is the hottest strip club in Vegas. You definitely need to check this place out on your Las Vegas Vacation. The Gentleman’s club focuses on quality, and not quantity. Their services are exclusive, rare, and probably something you’ve never experienced anywhere before.

The parties can get pretty wild on weekends, with special events for LGBTs. The Gentleman’s club caters to almost every fetish you can imagine. So, no matter how bizarre you think your tastes are, this club will have something for you! Visit the Posh Gentleman’s club by booking cheap flights to Vegas, and live your fantasies.

  1. The Mansion of your Dreams

Located behind the MGM Grand, far away from all the noise and the party, lies the Mansion. Its ancient architecture is made to resemble a posh villa of an 18th-century English aristocrat. Equipped with almost every luxury you can imagine: from priceless pieces of art to its very own personal casino – The Mansion can only be afforded by the super-rich.

Nobody knows what goes behind the closed doors of the Mansion, but we imagine, it’s something similar to Hefner Playboy’s Mansion parties. Check out The Mansion if you have vulgar amounts of money to spend on your Las Vegas Vacation.

  1. Chill on the Streets of the Strip

If you’re low on cash and want a quick get-away for the weekend, simply book cheap flights to Vegas, and come chill on the strip.

To experience the real Vegas, you don’t need to visit rich bars or exclusive clubs. The real party is on the streets. You walk around with a bottle of beer, and cigarette hurling curses at the top of your lungs and nobody will bat an eye! That’s Vegas for you.

The real Las Vegas Vacation isn’t in a fancy club or a premium casino, but right there, on the streets.

  1. The Million Dollar Wine Cellar

Are you a wine Connoisseur?  If so, then the Rio Cellar is ideal for you. Despite being located right on the strip, a majority of tourists miss out on this awesome place. With its own special tasting room and a bar with wine worth more than 10 million dollars – the Rio Cellar is the go-to place for every wine enthusiast on their Las Vegas Vacation.  Are you excited to go on an exquisite wine tour? Jump on cheap flights to Vegas today and start your wine tasting journey. 

Some important things you must keep in mind during your Las Vegas Vacation:

  • Never use a fake ID. It is a serious offense that can land you in big trouble.
  • Always Remember to Tip. If you’re visiting from outside the States, you might be alien to the tipping culture. It is considered impolite, and sometimes even plain out rude if you don’t tip servers or helpers during your Las Vegas Vacation.
  • Stray from illegal substances, activities, and anything that could potentially get you in trouble with the law.

And ultimately, go wild partying. Make your Las Vegas Vacation something that you’ll remember all your life. Book cheap flights to Vegas, and get ready to experience the insane. Remember, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.


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