One of the most multi-cultural states in the US, California is popular for its sandy beaches, good weather, and ethnic diversity. Almost everyone has heard of major Tourist destinations, such as The Golden Gate, even before they book flights to California.

So, we avoided talking of the major tourist destinations of California, and have compiled a list of 4 unusual, unconventional, and interesting places that you must visit.

The Infamous Alcatraz Prison

airline_tickets_erzannakliyat.comNotorious for housing dangerous criminals such as Machine Gun Kelly, Rafael Miranda, and Whitey Bulger – Alcatraz Prison – is still a hot topic. Many popular Hollywood movies and novels have been based on the prison. Your visit to the Alcatraz Prison will definitely be very interesting. You can take a ferry to Alcatraz Island, and go on a guided tour. You’ll be shown the prison premises, briefed on the prison’s history, and even allowed to step inside the cells on its infamous inmates.

The weather conditions in Alcatraz are quite unpredictable so you better go prepared in advance. If you plan to visit the Alcatraz island, we recommend that you book flights to California during the summer season.

Smoke a Cigar at Death Valley

delta_flights_erzannakliyat.comThe birthplace of the world-renowned wrestler – The Undertaker, Death Valley is just as

haunting and ghastly. The entire place has a gloomy and somewhat gothic appeal to it. So, if you’re into that kind of stuff, why not sit at one of the gothic cafes, smoke a cigar and call it a day. The Death Valley is among the hottest places in all of America. The heat gets really unbearable in the summers, and the entire region is basically miles and miles of barren, unoccupied desert. We recommend this place to everyone looking to experience something different from Mainstream California.
The Valley is calling, so just book flights to California, and board your planes as soon as you can.

Pay Lake Tahoe a Visit

cheap_hotels_erzannakliyat.comConsidered the best tourist location by many, Lake Tahoe lies along the border with Nevada, on the northern end of the state. The good part of Lake Tahoe is that you can visit it every day during a year and still never run out of fun things to do.

Flights to California are cheaper during the months of May, June, and July, so it is more economical if you plan your visit to Lake Tahoe then.
In summers, the lake makes an ideal getaway for water sports, trekking, sun-bathing and miscellaneous other outdoor activities. While during the colder months, the lake is fully engaged in winter activities such as snowboarding and skiing.

So, during your visit to California, definitely pay a visit to one of the largest natural lakes in the world – Lake Tahoe.

Binge Drink Wine at Napa Valley

cheap_airline_tickets_erzannakliyat.comParadise for wine connoisseurs, Napa Valley is home to one of the best wines in the region. You can go one wine tasting tours, and effectively spend hours drinking different kinds of finely made wine. Whether you’re with your partner, a group of friends, or even all by yourself – Napa Valley is a lovely place to visit.

If you’re a tourist, we recommend you to rent a car and drive around the hills trying out all sorts of wines.
There are many flights to California, and finding the right one takes time and patience. If you’re planning on visiting California, we advise you to do thorough research before you go ahead with booking flights to California.


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