Whether you picture yourself dozing on the beach or hiking up a mountain, exploring underwater worlds or playing a round of golf, you won’t be bored in Jamaica. Grab the best flight tickets to Jamaica today. This island can be especially terrific for active travellers.

  1. Refresh yourselves at the Waterfalls of Saint Elizabeth

cheap_flights_to_vegasThere are some amazing waterfalls in Jamaica from YS Falls, Mayfield Falls, Reach Falls, and the most famous Dunns River Falls. Visit them by booking a flight today. No matter which part of Jamaica you are staying in there is a waterfall day trip within a short distance.  

  1. Get romantic with your beloved watching the Jamaican sunset

cheap_flights_to_floridaOne of the main reasons of booking a flight back to Jamaica is to enjoy the sunsets. There is no better way to end the day then in a hammock on the beach with a drink in one hand and the other hand holding your beloved, watching the sunset. Grab the cheap flight tickets today and take your loved one on a romantic trip.

  1. Jamaica- Best place for a reggae music lover

allegiant_flightsReggae music can be heard around the world but it sounds the best where it was born. If you love finding a local beach bar with live Reggae music. If you’re staying at an all-inclusive resort in Jamaica they most likely will have a live reggae band come throughout the week.  Enjoy this by booking a cheap flight ticket today.

  1. Are you a coffee lover? Then enjoy the blue mountain coffee

flights_to_san_diegoMake sure to start your morning off with a freshly brewed cup of Jamaica’s finest coffee, Blue Mountain Coffee. Grab the finest coffee by booking a flight today. If you really want to get the day started put a little coconut rum cream in your coffee. Make sure you get the real stuff, lots of hotels in Jamaica say its Blue Mountain coffee but it really isn’t. We suggest picking up a bag at the airport as a souvenir from Jamaica on your way home.

  1. Are you a Bob Marley fan? Then paying visit to the Bob Marley museum is a must.

flights_to_new_orleansBob Marley’s music will live on forever. Tune into “One Love” while on an air flight to Jamaica. If you’re into music, then make a day trip to Kingston and visit the Bob Marley Museum which at his old home. Make sure to pick up a Bob Marley record from the gift shop. Grab a cheap ticket today and enjoy yourself to the fullest.

  1. Give your taste buds a swirl by trying the Jamaican patty

flights_to_denverJamaican patties are the perfect snack or meal depending on how many you eat. Grab this flaky pastry with its shell filled with spices, vegetables, and chicken or beef or pork. Get this by booking an air ticket. You can find local beach vendors selling them either from the shops or the locals who are selling their homemade patties. If you don’t spot them on the beach you can get them at the Montego Bay airport past security there is a local shop that sells them.


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